Hola! I'm Joy Rigault

Multimedia designer

I’m a Dutchie born in 1998 and just moved to Villajoyosa, a lovely town next to Benidorm. In The Netherlands I studied multimedia design and tourism management. The combination between my experience in the tourism industry and my creativity that I developed over the years fits perfect with my future plan. My goal with Bundle of Joy is to create an outstanding corporate design for starting businesses. 

What I do

Graphic Design

I create visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform and captivate customers. There are a lot of different ways to communicate your service and your vision such as logos, brochures, menu cards and many more. Together we'll take a look at what kind of communication your company could use.

Photo & Video

Another great way to show your customers what you have to offer is through photos or maybe even better, videos. By visualizing what you're offering people will have a clear view of what they can expect.


The first thing I noticed when I came to Spain was not being able to find a website of a restaurant where I wanted to go. A lot of businesses only work with Facebook (which is also a good way of communication) but not always enough. Stand out from the rest and expand your findability.


There are a lot of ways to communicate with your clients and social media is one of them. It is very understandable that you're way to busy to think about posting on social media or to even update your website. From now on you can leave it up to me!

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Let's take a look at the possibilities

Are you starting your own business or does your company need an upgrade on it’s look? Hit me up! Together we will take a look at what you have in mind. A few examples of the possibilities that can improve the awareness of your company are a good logo, website, promo videos, posters, flyers etc. It is also possible to make some great attractive photos and make plans for marketing strategies. When you’d like to improve your customer experience we can take a look at the details like a menucard in a restaurant for example.


Hit me up!


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